Annex Medical, Inc.
6018 Blue Circle Drive Minnetonka, MN 55343
Started in 1988, Annex Medical is a specialized medical device manufacturer.  At our facility in Minnetonka we produce our own proprietary designs from start to finish. Our processes focus on small parts assembly with a strong emphasis on quality at every level of the manufacturing process.
Mission Statement The Company will strive to uphold the dignity of the human person with a constant regard for the employees and their families, the doctors who use our products, and the patients who benefit from them. Understanding that all that we have is a gift from God, the Company will, to the best of its ability, assist all in the attainment of eternal happiness, sacrificing, if necessary, growth and profits to achieve this end.
Note: We do not produce custom devices or do any contract manufacturing.
Annex Medical is located in the Opus 2 business park in Minnetonka, MN.   Warning: Opus 2 is a one-way street system and can be difficult to navigate. Contact Information  Phone: (952) 942-7576 Fax: (952) 942-7590 email:  Regular hours (non-summer): 6:50 am - 3:15 pm CST
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