Annex Medical, Inc. Endoscopy Devices for Urology
34 years of designing and manufacturing finished devices for surgical device companies.
Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) We have provided ODM services since our founding in 1988. Our designs can be modified to provide unique devices for each customer.
Single Use Devices Stone Baskets Grasping Forceps Cytology Brushes Biopsy Forceps Cutting Electrodes
Mission Statement The Company will strive to uphold the dignity of the human person with a constant regard for the employees and their families, the doctors who use our products, and the patients who benefit from them. Understanding that all that we have is a gift from God, the Company will, to the best of its ability, assist all in the attainment of eternal happiness, sacrificing, if necessary, growth and profits to achieve this end.
Processes and Capabilities Shape Setting Nitinol Wire Forming and Flattening Swaging Injection Molding Laser Welding Nitinol Bonding Robotic Manufacturing Microscopic Assembly 100% Proof Testing Automated Vision System Inspection Clean Room Packaging EO Sterilization at Multiple Contract Sterilizers
Our Own Brand of Stone Baskets
Sacred Heart Medical Click to here to see our branded products that we sell directly to U.S. hospitals and our international distributors. Now hiring for medical device assembly! Click here for more details.
Annex Medical is located in the Opus 2 business park in Minnetonka, MN.   Warning: Opus 2 is a one-way street system and can be difficult to navigate. Contact Information  Phone: (952) 942-7576 Fax: (952) 942-7590 email:  Regular hours (non-summer): 6:50 am - 3:15 pm CST
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